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Here's what is coming up for BANMOKU

Hello again, Fish here!

A lot has happened since our last post, so I’m here to give you a quick update!

For starters, the Donothon went amazing with Moku earning far more than she ever expected she would. We both appreciate you all coming to support her during her streams as well as supporting her in building her computer. As far as the computer itself goes…

PC-Chan Lives!

It took a little bit for us to get all of the parts together, but the building process went clean and smooth. Moku has been enjoying actually being able to open her big files and we’re now in the process of transferring everything from her old laptop to her new PC. Once again, thank you all so much for coming out to support Moku and helping her realize her goal.

Pc-Chan's stickers are available for purchase in our store.

Once all of the file transferring and moving is finished, please look forward to her next stream! On that Note...

Moku's Birthday 12 Hour Stream

Moku’s next big stream (as per the rewards) is her 12 hour birthday stream! We are currently planning for May 21st at 12pm EST (time subject to change closer to date, but we’ll let you know) This stream will also be Moku’s redebut! Please make sure to give some love to Bunchata who is doing an incredible job rigging Moku’s art, as well as tune in to see the finished model.

Convention Seasons is Upon Us

After Moku’s stream, we’ll probably be a little bit quiet for convention prep. This year, both of us will be attending Anime Expo with our own tables! This AX is going to be special to both of us as, because of the world, we weren't able to celebrate our first 5 years of BANMOKU. I hope you’re looking forward to a lot of new content, character updates, and even some special new characters that you’ll also be able to find at my table! We’re going to try to have different but coordinating things, so make sure you don't miss anything.

I will also be sharing my table with Cici who is tabling for the first time ever! Make sure to stop by and show her a lot of love and support as well.

In the effort of not making this too long, I’ll be separating these updates into separate posts, so look forward to our next update coming in the next few days!

Coming soon...Character News!
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