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Welcome to the new home of BANMOKU!

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Thank you for supporting us since 2015! Now check out what's coming in our future.

Welcome to the brand new BANMOKU website! Your brand new home for everything BANMOKU. Complete with new sections, new pages, and look forward to future updates!

As a brief overview of both what we’ve updated and what’s to come, let’s dive into the BANMOKU website’s new features. Beyond our shiny new graphics, banners, and beautiful logo, we’ve updated many of our sections to bring you the best and most up to date content we can. Here’s just a few things you can find on the new site:

Our brand new logo was created by Mymeluna and is one of our favorite parts of our new update.


While there won’t be too much different, you can now find the BANMOKU store here on our website! All the same standard payment methods will work, but it will be the exclusive home of all BANMOKU merchandise from now on. We have a few products already listed there, all by our lovely primary artist Moku and will have more coming soon!


If you haven’t followed the BANMOKU twitter or any of our member’s personal twitters, you might not have seen that we are all vtubers as well now! Not only that, but Moku is stepping into collaborations with many other vtubers behind the scenes. Check out some mini previews below!

New Commission Prices and TOS

With changing times, improvements, and Paypal’s increased fees, both our prices and our TOS have changed. While we will be taking commissions much like before, we hope that you’ll double check out new TOS and make sure you understand all our new terms. Some key updates are:

-We now have fees for commercial rights that need to be discussed at the time of the commission. Commercial fees apply to any work used for profit.

-BANMOKU does not, will not, be involved in NFT’s or crypto of any kind.

-We are now taking a select few commissions for printable merchandise!

We’ve also got a few plans for the future! Here’s what we’re already working on and what might be to come:

Updated BANMOKU Character Designs

Our BANMOKU children are getting a facelift! We love their old faces, but to change with how the BANMOKU story has changed, many of the characters you know and love have gone through a few changes.

As we release their updates, we will be releasing character mini profiles and more! You’ll be able to not only check out their designs and learn more about who they are than you might have known before.

Subscription Service

We’re looking into the possibility of a BANMOKU subscription! Because it’s available through the website host, we might put it over here instead of on other sites, so please stay tuned for that. If we decide to go forward with it, we will be updating here with what content subscribers will get and how often we will be posting.

Keep in mind that any BANMOKU subscription will host content from BOTH Moku and Fish.

Regular Blog Updates

Without promising anything quite yet, we want to start posting regular blog updates to keep you guys in the know about what we have planned. So far, we’re hoping for maybe biweekly at least, at most weekly when we have a lot of stuff going on at once. We’ll be sorting out details on that soon as well! Most blog posts (like this one) will be written by me, Fish!

While we’re still ironing out the details so some of this is subject to change in the future, we’re looking forward to and enjoying the new setup! We hope you’ll keep up with us and enjoy everything as much as we have. While comments on this post are disabled, on our next update we’ll let you guys suggest things that you’d like to see as well!

Stay tuned here for more!

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