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Welcome to BANMOKU Memberships!

You're home for all things about and for the BANMOKU memberships

This is your home for everything about BANMOKU memberships. If you have any questions, please comment below or send us a message! As this is the first time we’re running memberships, we’re hoping we can all learn together!

We’ll also be looking for feedback on a few things for the next few weeks, so we hope you’ll be able to spare some time to share your thoughts!

Currently, most plans will come with access to a specific group that will have of your tier specific content on it. Right now, people who already subscribed should have access to their content here.

So to start, let’s jump into the BANMOKU tiers first!

These are the main tiers of our memberships and so come with mostly BANMOKU focused content with a little bit of our other projects sprinkled here and there. If you want BANMOKU content, make sure to subscribe to one of these tiers before you check out any bonus plans.

Our Thank you tier! All members of this tier have basic access to available monthly benefits, including:

  • Monthly digital print

  • Discord benefits

  • Access to private blog entries

Our next step up! You will receive everything from the previous tier as well as these additional benefits:

  • Early WIP access

  • 10% off all merchandise in our store

  • Step by step process of drawings

  • Exclusive look at upcoming merch

Want me merchandise sent to you? Then pick this tier! This tier comes with Limited Edition stickers as well as the monthly print mailed to your home. If you pick this tier, make sure to fill out your address so we know where to send your merch!* This tier also comes with these benefits:

  • Original high res BANMOKU art

  • 15% off all merchandise in our store

  • 1 speedpaint per month, line art to final

  • Limited Edition sticker and physical monthly print

  • Priority access to commission slots

*if you don't want to put your address on the website itself, please let us know and we'll send you a form to fill out via email instead.

Our special tier for some special BANMOKU fans and supporters. This tier comes with the previous benefits as well as some great perks! If you'd like some special charms as well as a secret glimpse at some rare NSFW content from Moku, check out this tier!

  • Limited edition charms

  • 20% off all merchandise in our store

  • NSFW content

Bonus plans:

A special tier made for people who also want to support specifically Fish! This tier comes with more writing focused perks, so we hope you're ready to read some more long winded posts and learn more than you probably wanted to!

  • BANMOKU story previews, character plots, and more!

  • 1 Bimonthly workshop about writing or BANMOKU

  • Art previews and doodles

  • 1 chibi headshot for a randomly selected member

  • Fish's weekly favorite fact

A tier made for a secret BANMOKU project, personal to Moku! If you're looking for more of Moku's personal work and some secret streams, check out this teir and some of the other awesome perks:

  • WIPs, speedpaints, and private livestreams

  • Sneak peek of tier exclusive merch

  • Exclusive look into "Project Boo Bae"

A tier made special for a new, upcoming collaboration between BANMOKU and Eirlysee! Check out all this tier has to offer including:

  • Sneak peek into designs, merch, storyboard, and much more!

  • Exclusive look into "Project V"


What are BANMOKU memberships?

Like other subscription services, BANMOKU memberships offer a chance for our supporters to support us directly instead of through a middleman! They work similarly to becoming a patron, where your money unlocks access to content and rewards you wouldn’t get otherwise.

Does that mean no more free content?

No! We will still be publicly posting art and merchandise. In fact, we’re hoping since we’ll be regularly posting for our members, we’ll be able to provide more content on a regular basis. Our members will just have access to more content and merchandise that won’t be available otherwise!

What are bonus or "+Add on" plans?

Add on plans are specialty plans that come with perks not available in other tiers. These Add on plans are usually either available for a limited time, collaboration projects, or member specific plans. Add on plans don’t come with access to any other tier and are not available with the other tiers! If you are interested in content from an Add on plan, make sure to subscribe to it in addition to any other plan your interested in!

How many plans can I have at once?

As many as you’d like! There’s no limit to the amount of plans that you can have. You just can’t have the same plan twice! If you are interested in purchasing more than one plan, make sure you only pick on BANMOKU plan!

When do I get my content?

We're aiming to have all stickers, charms, and prints ordered the 4th of each month. We'll update you through your email if dates get changed, when items are received, and when things are sent out!

If you have any additional questions, again please comment below or message us through the website! We'll try to clear up any confusion you might have.

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