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You've seen them, you love them, now take them home with you! This pre-order listing is for our new merchandise collection: Two stands and two stickers of the lovely Ghostie and Skellie. 


This listing also has options! You can buy just the stickers and stands on their own, but if you would like to collect them all, the bundles are for you.


The Ghostie Bundle: Both the Ghostie standee and the Ghostie Sticker

The Girly Bundle: Both the Ghostie and Skellie standees and stickers 

Ghostie and Skellie Standee and Sticker

  • Your Ghostie and Skellie Standees are:

    • Ghostie: 4" 
    • Skellie: 3.5" 
    • Double sided printing 
    • Small enough to take with you on adventures 

    Your Ghostie and Skellie stickers are:

    • Ghostie: 4"  
    • Skellie: 3" 
    • Holographic printing 
    • Their suits are shiny! 
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