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General Guidelins
Will's and Wont's
Work Flow
Changes to Commissons

Terms Of Service

Please note that by requesting a quote or emailing us, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to all terms laid out by this TOS. 


​General Guidelines

  • Commissions are NOT FCFS! I want to make sure I am accepting commissions I can do to the highest quality! When I have received as many commissions as I can handle at one time.

  • All standard prices are listed for personal use only. Commercial rights are available upon discussion at time of request.

    • For more details on Commercial Rights, please read this section.  

    • If you are unsure if your commission would require commercial rights or not, feel free to ask us anytime. 

  • I do not do design work for non-design commissions! Please make sure to have a clear, full colored reference for your character. Characters with just descriptions or unclear references will be declined. 

  • Commissions can take between 1 week to 3+ months depending on con schedules, BANMOKU work, and my personal life. If you have questions about your commission status, feel free to message me. 

  • Full payment is due upon agreement of price and receival of invoice. 

    • Payment plans can be discussed for commissions over $200 

  • I reserve the right to decline your commission at any time. If a commission is declined, payment will be refunded for all unfinished work. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS GIVEN FOR ANY OTHER REASON EXCEPT FOR EXTREME EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES.

    • I do not give refunds on completed artwork.

    • If you are concerned about your commission for any reason, please reach out to me! 

  • My commissions are meant only for the person that commissioned them! Please do not trace, redistribute, claim as your own, or heavily reference my commissions. 

  • BANMOKU is not and will not be involved in the creation or distribution of NFT’s or crypto currency of any kind. Commissions purchased with the intent of being used as NFT’s will be immediately rejected and the commissioner will be blacklisted. 


Please let me know in advance if you do not want your commission publicly posted or streamed!


Will's and Won'ts 

Will Do: 

  • Feminine characters 

  • Some masculine characters

  • Suggestive posing 

  • Monsters 

  • Gore 

  • Mild sexual themes at my discretion

Won't Do: 

  • Elderly characters

  • Anthros/furries

  • Mecha/heavy armor 

  • Extreme sexual themes/kink

  • *New* Final Fantasy characters (Can be taken upon discussion with an additional charge) 


Work Flow 

Please note, I do not work on commissions in the order that I receive them. If you have a deadline for your piece, please let me know when you submit your form! If the deadline cannot be met, I will let you know ahead of time. 


  • When I begin work on your commission, I will send you updates loosely in the following order: 


WIP ⇒ Lines ⇒ Base Colors ⇒ Final render ⇒ Any Additional Details


  • If you would like to receive additional updates, please let me know.I will try to keep you in the loop as much as possible during the process regardless. 

  • Not all commissions will include all of these steps, but will still follow this general order.


Changes to Commissions 

  • During the WIP phase, all changes will be free within reason. 

  • After the WIP is approved, a few minor changes are allowed at no additional cost. Multiple minor changes or major changes will incur an additional charge. What is considered a minor or major change is up to me. 

    • Charges will start at $5 and increase from there.

  • I do not accept changes on completed work unless the changes are minor. (ie. adding a scar or a birthmark)


Commercial Rights

  • What qualifies as "commercial" for BANMOKU: 

    • Use in stream assets such as overlays, png avatars, panel art, etc. ​

    • Use for merchandise designs 

    • Use as official Vtuber references 

    • Use in promotional materials on Twitch and Social Media 

  • Commercial rights for all artwork is available upon request and will incur an additional, variable  fee depending on what the commission is being used for. (ie: merchandise fees are different from stream art fees) Please tell me ahead of time if you would like to use your art for commercial purposes. If you would like to inquire about commercial rights for artwork that you’ve previously obtained, please reach out to me via my email.  

For merchandise designs: 

  • I do not offer manufacturing packages for any merchandise except for P!ta Charms. 

  • If you are looking for merchandise that is not described on the website, you are welcome to email us with the header [MERCHANDISE INQUIRY]. 

  • For custom merchandise requests, please include a template, or sizing for the merchandise you’re looking for as well as the character reference.

  • An inquiry does not guarantee acceptance! 

  • I do not know or do I have recommendations for manufacturing on products I have not previously created. 

Please note that in some cases, I may require contracts for commercial works. This will be done at my discretion and I will always let you know before any work or payment is exchanged!


Final Notes

  • If you are not happy with your commission, please let us know! We want our commissioners to be happy with their purchases and will do our best to make sure it's to your liking!

  • Please understand that while your characters are all amazing and I would like to appreciate all of them, I do not accept commissions unless I feel I can do a character well! This has nothing to do with character quality and more to do with my own skill.  

IF YOU FILE A CHARGEBACK AGAINST ME UPON COMPLETION OF THE ARTWORK, YOU WILL BE BLACKLISTED AND PUBLICLY CALLED OUT TO WARN OTHER ARTISTS. There are NO exceptions to this. If there is an issue with your commission, please talk to me beforehand. If you do not, I will assume you are scamming me and I will make sure others know.



  • To request a commission, please make sure you fully read this page and understand the details. Then, fill out the form here to request a commission. We will follow up with you

  • If you have any additional questions or the commission you're looking for cannot be found on this page, feel free to email us at ​​

    • Please note that we will not respond to questions answered on this TOS. ​


Please let me know in advance if you do not want your commission publicly posted or streamed!

Commercial Rights
Final Notes
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