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It's Pride Month!!! June!

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry this message has been coming out so late; Last month I started preping for Anime Expo, so my stress levels have been off the roof; I apologize for not beign able to work on May rewards; Due to Anime Expo being so busy for us, I will be working on these sketches after Anime Expo! When we come back from our trip to Cali which will be around July 13th; Fear not! You will be getting your rewards! I just can't work on sketches for the membership or else I'll feel like I fall behind with merch deadlines; I hope you been enjoying all the merch sketches I'm putting out, I'm trying to update as much as I can!!!

 This month's theme: Weddings/Pride


Monster Mix: Please be sure to leave us with a ref of your character, so we can draw them with the theme! A reminder, if you don't send us a character for this month, we will draw the one from last month!

Don't miss live updates by joining our discord!

 Note: Please make sure you have your address saved on your profile, so I can see if so I can send your physical rewards! Thank you!

Please note this is for membership only. Our site provider is having a bit of trouble atm.

Einar Lyall

Weddings you say..... hmmmmm Maybe Shizuka would be a cute bride?



💀 Welcome to BANMOKU CITY landing page! Thank you for being...


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